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Our Coaches

Ana Torres Thornton

Head Coach - Purple Group

Ana Torres Thornton

Bay Area Fit Member Since 2008
First Half Marathon 2009 Aramco Houston Half Marathon
Most Recent Half Marathon-Divas Puerto Rico 2014
My motto: You don’t have to look cute when you finish a race. What matters is that you finish.

Bekky Tatar-Kinsey

Assistant Coach - Purple Group

I joined BAF in 2016 and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.   I’ve completed countless number of 5ks, 14 10ks, and 4 half marathons including the Houston Aramco Half in Jan 2017 (besides the birth of my kids one of the most amazing experience in my life).  If you would have asked me 5 years ago if I would ever complete any kind of race I would have laughed at you.  I’m not laughing anymore!  J  I avoided anything athletic like the plague then one day I realized I was ready to step out of my comfort zone and try something new.   It’s easy to set a goal, the hard part is taking the first step in achieving that goal.  Welcome to BAF!!!!

My motto – A 8 min mile is the same distance as a 16 min mile.


Marty Yost

Assistant Coach - Events Coordinator

This will be my 8th year with USA Fit Bay Area, mostly as a coach for the Yellow Group.   I began my running career with the club back in the summer of 2007.  During my years with USA Fit Bay Area I’ve run numerous half marathons and so far 14 marathons.  During the 2016 Chevron Houston Marathon my finish time qualified me to run the 2017 Boston Marathon.  I’ve recently earned the title of events coordinator.  2015 was my last year as coach for the yellow group but I have and still hold the title of coach for the core workouts held every Monday evening @ 7pm from UBC.

What I remember most about being a coach with USA Fit Bay Area is how I was able to have an impact in the success of so many of our members during the years.  I was able to help them to reach their individual goals. I got as much, or more, enjoyment from a BAF member’s success as I did my own success.  Helping someone cross the finish line for the first time was really the best part of being a yelllow coach.  It was such an awesome feeling.  Although I will not be returning as a yellow coach I still hope to share this feeling with my fellow returning and new members!  I’ll see you out there.

Ileana Sepulveda

Assistant Coach - Events Coordinator

My first race ever was in 1986, The Crescent City Classic 10K in New Orleans.  Little did I know that 27 years later I was going to start running again. In 2012 I started running a couple of miles to stay in shape and shortly after ran a 5K with some co-workers. That was the 5K that changed my life and motivated me to join BAF in 2013.  BAF has given me so much encouragement and support that in my first season I ran a 10K and two half marathons.

Last season I coached Blue with the goal of motivating and encouraging as many Blue Fitters as I could into achieving their running goals.  This season I am taking a new challenge;  running the full marathon and helping with the Red Group.  Along the way I hope to transmit my passion for running to all the Red Fitters.

Running has changed my life and BAF has provided me the tools to enjoy it more and make new and lasting friendships.  I hope BAF will also change your life and that I will be able to help in the process.

Houston Marathon & Half Marathon – January 20, 2019

The Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Half Marathon is one of USA Fit Bay Area’s target races.  It’s scheduled for January 20, 2019. See the link:


USA FIT Marathon/Half Marathon – February 3, 2019

This event is on Sunday, February 3, 2019 in Sugarland, TX. Signup now!


2018 -2019 Weekly Route: See schedule for more details and times.

Instructions: The various routes we will use are posted below. The route we will use for the given week will be in the title.  Scroll down until you find the route name that matches the title.

Clear Lake City 14 miler Route Directions and Link

UBC – Right on Middlebrook – Left on Cedar Ridge – Right on Chapel Pkwy – Left on W Pine Brook Way – Left on Clear Lake City Blvd – Left on Almond Creek – Right on Oak Links Dr. – Right on Bay Oaks Blvd –  Left on Clear Lake City Blvd – Left on Crescent Landing Dr – Right on Village Evergreen Trail – Left on Pineloch Dr.  Turn Around 7 Mile ends @ Pineloch & Penn Hills Ln.

Click below for the route map:


Bay Pointe 16 Miler Route Directions and Link

UBC – T-Left Glenshannon – T-Right on Ridgewood Canyon – TRight on Village Corner- TLeft on Pleasant Trace – TRight on Walnut Pond – TRight on Middlebrook Dr – TLeft on CLCB – TLeft on E. Pinebrook Way – TLeft on Chestnut Oak – TLeft on Sandy Myrtle Dr – TLeft on El Dorado Oaks – Quick Right on Brookgreen Dr. – Left on Dunmoor Dr – Cross El Dorado – TRight on Emerald Falls Dr – TLeft on Almond Creek – TRight on Oak Links Ave- TRight on Bay Oaks Blvd – TLeft on CLCB – TLeft on Mabry Mill Rd – TRight on Sun Harbor Dr – TLeft on Whitlock Dr – Cross CLCB into Bay Pointe – T Left on Diamond Brook Dr – The route ends @ close to Basswood Springs Cr.

Click below for the route map:


Bayfit 20 Miler Route Directions and Link

UBC-T-Right Glenshannon, T-Left on Middlebrook, cross Bay Area and continue on Middlebrook,  T-Right on Bayou Rd, cross Bay Area Blvd and continue on Brookforest Dr, T-Right on Running Springs, T-Left on Hickory Knoll, T-Left on Royalfield Dr, T-Left on Cedar Ridge Trail, T-Right on Chapel Pkwy, T-Left on W. Pine Brook Way, T-Left on Chestnut Oak Ln, T-Left on Sandy Mirtle, T-Left on El Dorado Oaks Dr, T-Right on Brookgreen Dr, T-Right on Dunmoor, cross El Dorado Blvd and Dunmoor changes to Garden Gate Way, Continue on Garden Gate Way, T-Right on Emerald Falls Dr, T-Left on Almond Creek Dr, T-Right on Oak Links Ave, T-Right on Bay Oaks Blvd, T-Left on CLCB, T-Left on Mabry Mill Rd, T-Right on Sun Harbor Dr, T-Left on Whitlock Dr, Cross CLCB and continue on Whitlock, T-Left on Diamond Brook Dr, T-Left on El Camino Real, Cross CLCB and continue on El Camino until you reach your 10 miles then turn around.


Clear Lake 18 Miler Route Directions and Link

UBC-T-Left Glenshannon, T-Left Ridgewood Canyon, T-Right Raven River, T-Right Village Corner, T-Left Pleasant Trace, T-Right Walnut Pond, T-Right Middlebrook Dr., T-Left Clear Lake City Blvd., T-Left E Pine Brook Way, T-Left Chestnut Oak Ln., T-Left Sandy Myrtle Dr., T-Left El Dorado Oaks Dr., T-Right Brookgreen Dr., T-Right Dunmoor, Cross El Dorado Blvd to Garden Gate Way, T-Right Elerald Falls Dr., Turns into Scenic Elm St. at the turn, T-Left at Almond Creek Dr., T-Right Oak Links Ave., T-Right Bay Oaks Blvd., T-Left Clear Lake City Blvd., Cross Space Ctr., T-Left Mabry Mill Rd., T-Right Sun Harbor, T-Left Whitlock Dr., Cross Clear Lake City Blvd., T-Left Diamond Blook Dr., T-Left El Camino Real, Cross Clear Lake City Blvd., Straight thru El Caminto to Pineloch, T-Left on Pineloch, Turn around or before Sun Harbor.


Kemah Bridge 21 Miler Route Directions and Link 

UBC – Left on Glenshannon – Left on Ridgewood Canyon – Right on Roaring Rapids – Right on Park Shadows – Left on Middlebrook – Left on NASA 1 – (5.5 mile turnaround just past Bayou View Dr) (6 mile turnaround just past Repsdorph) – cross Rte 146 (use crosswalk lights and be careful) to 2nd Street – Right on Toddville Rd – Right on 10th Street – Stay right to loop on to bridge and cross bridge running against traffic – At other end of bridge go left on 5th Street – Right on Texas Ave – Left on 6th St. – Right on Kipp Ave – Right on 7th St. – Right on Harris Ave – Left on 6th Street – Right on Texas Ave – Left on 3rd St. – Go under bridge and turn left to go up on to bridge again – cross bridge – at other end of bridge loop around corner – go left under bridge – right on to 10th – left on Toddville – Left on 2nd St – Cross Rte 146 to NASA 1 – Return on same route.