Our Coaches

Priscilla Fierro

Organizer -

Hey ya’ll, welcome to Bay Area Fit!  I joined BAF in 2006 when I trained for the Aramco Half Marathon.  I loved the way I felt and the friendships I made at BAF, so 10 years later I’m still at it.

I have 10 marathons under my belt and between 30 – 40 half marathons.  It’s addicting!!!!!!  I hope I can help you accomplish your goals while you’re with BAF.


Marty Yost

Assistant Coach - Events Coordinator

This will be my 8th year with USA Fit Bay Area, mostly as a coach for the Yellow Group.   I began my running career with the club back in the summer of 2007.  During my years with USA Fit Bay Area I’ve run numerous half marathons and so far 14 marathons.  During the 2016 Chevron Houston Marathon my finish time qualified me to run the 2017 Boston Marathon.  I’ve recently earned the title of events coordinator.  2015 was my last year as coach for the yellow group but I have and still hold the title of coach for the core workouts held every Monday evening @ 7pm from UBC.

What I remember most about being a coach with USA Fit Bay Area is how I was able to have an impact in the success of so many of our members during the years.  I was able to help them to reach their individual goals. I got as much, or more, enjoyment from a BAF member’s success as I did my own success.  Helping someone cross the finish line for the first time was really the best part of being a yelllow coach.  It was such an awesome feeling.  Although I will not be returning as a yellow coach I still hope to share this feeling with my fellow returning and new members!  I’ll see you out there.


On The Run

On The Run has been serving the Bay Area running community for 10+ years now. We live the runner’s life; all the staff has background in running distances from 100 meters to 100 miles, triathlons from the sprints to the Ironman.

We evaluate your gate to get you into the right category of shoes and then find that shoe that fits you based on your future running needs. We not only offer the best in shoes but also, socks, apparel, injury prevention/recovery and other running accessories.

Website: http://www.ontheruntx.com/clearlake.htm
Email: jay@ontheruntx.com



In early summer of 1965, a University of Florida assistant coach sat down with a team of university physicians and asked them to determine why so many of his players were being affected by heat and heat related illnesses.

The researchers — Dr. Robert Cade, Dr. Dana Shires, Dr. H. James Free and Dr. Alejandro de Quesada — soon discovered two key factors that were causing the Gator players to ‘wilt’: the fluids and electrolytes the players lost through sweat were not being replaced, and the large amounts of carbohydrates the players’ bodies used for energy were not being replenished.

The researchers then took their findings into the lab, and scientifically formulated a new, precisely balanced carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage that would adequately replace the key components lost by Gator players through sweating and exercise. They called their concoction ‘Gatorade’.


In the summer of 1969, Coach Ray Graves of the Florida Gators suggested to the Kansas City Chiefs that they use Gatorade to combat the staggering effects of a blistering Missouri sun during training camp. The Chiefs were so impressed with the “Gator coach’s aid” that they kept it on their sidelines throughout the entire season… which concluded with a stunning victory over the heavily favored Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV.

In the years that followed, more and more NFL teams began placing Gatorade on the sidelines of their games and practices, and in 1983, Gatorade became the official sports drink of the NFL—a title it holds to this day.


Two decades after Dr. Cade and his team worked diligently to develop the optimum hydration formula that would become Gatorade, the Gatorade Sports Science Institute was founded in Barrington, Illinois, to conduct scientific research in the areas of exercise science, hydration, and sport nutrition. Three years later, the lab would be expanded to provide advanced testing for athletes and new Gatorade products and flavors and develop education materials for sports health professionals around the world. Gatorade is now also the official sports drink of the NBA, AVP, and PGA, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, and numerous other elite and professional organizations and teams.


In 2001, after determining that professional race car drivers were not staying adequately hydrated throughout the course of their races, Gatorade and GSSI begin working with auto racing organizations to develop a hydration tool that could withstand 130-degree temperatures and keep drivers hydrated safely throughout the course of a race. The result of their research was the development of GIDS, the Gatorade In-Car Drinking System, which is now considered an essential piece of racing equipment.


After years of careful research by the staff at GSSI into the needs of athletes engaged in high-demand training and competition, Gatorade launched the Gatorade Performance Series, an elite line of sports nutrition products, in 2001. These products include Gatorade Energy Drink, Gatorade Energy Bar, and the Gatorade Nutrition Shake.

Four years later, after studying endurance athletes, GSSI developed the Gatorade Endurance Formula. Featuring a higher concentration of sodium—the key electrolyte found in Original Thirst Quencher—and four other electrolytes lost in sweat, Gatorade Endurance Formula is quickly becoming a mainstay on race courses the world over.


Gatorade and GSSI continue to search for and study new and innovative ways to help athletes improve performance by facilitating proper hydration and nutrition. From the lab testing of athletes, to new flavor and delivery system development, to the publication and distribution of scientific research, the Gatorade Company and the GSSI perpetually strive to advance their collective mission of enabling athletes to always perform at their peak.


Website: http://www.gatorade.com/