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Dave Conklin

Assistant Coach - Blue Group

Dave Conklin

Assistant Coach – Blue Group

I’ve lived in the Clear Lake area of Houston for over 20 years, having moved from Nashville while in military service.  When in the military, we were required to run for physical fitness.  Then I dabbled with running as exercise and to assist with my tobacco cessation, but never really understood how to run distances.  My longest distance was a 10k run which at that time I couldn’t even convert to miles.  Then in 2005 I joined one of the legacy Clear Lake running clubs discovering the sport provided therapeutic benefit for life stress management, athletic goal achievement, and a fabulous way to socialize with new friends.

A key learning from my running experience – we all come in difference sizes, shapes, speeds, and levels of zaniness.  It’s the love of the sport and the people that keeps me coming back.  After signing up with my first running training club we gradually increased our training mileage distance, which led to 10k runs, then to Half Marathons, full Marathons, 200 mile Texas relay races, and out of state destination races.  I’ve hung all those race medals in my closet, never maintaining a count of how many races I’ve finished.  So far I’ve finished every race I started including at least five marathons, two 30k trail runs and over 30 half marathons.

This is my 6th year to train with Bay Area Fit and 4th year to coach with the Blue Group.  I’m very excited to share my running learnings with new runners.