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Don Davis

Organizer -

In 2011, my company initiated a walking program and I wanted nothing to do with it; but, peer pressure is an amazing tool.  To participate, I needed to start with 10,000 steps a day (about 6mi) and I was hard pressed to incentivize myself to the idea; however, about three weeks into the program I noticed that my chronic lower back pain had all but disappeared.  Attributing it to strengthened core muscles, I decided to slowly transition from walking to running and I’ve never looked back.

Everyone has their reasons for starting, and I want to tap into your specific reason to help incentivize ‘you’ to reach your goals.  Walk, run, slow, fast… all are movements in a forward direction and all are incrementally able to be improved upon.  I believe that USA Fit Bay Area has a great program and an awesome coaching staff to enable you to attain your fitness goals.  I look forward to sharing some miles with you this 2018 season.

I’ve attached a running picture from 2018 Houston Chevron marathon.

Don D.