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Paula Clemens

Organizer -

When I was growing up I avoided all things athletic.  I ran a few 5K’s in my 20’s, but then fitness took a back seat to family and career.  At age 50, with my son graduating from high school and my husband graduating from law school, I was able to focus on fitness again.  After losing 50 pounds, I began running to maintain my weight loss.  On a whim I ran the Turkey Day 5K in 2009, and I was hooked on running.  I trained for and ran progressively longer distances.  Finally my trainer suggested that I run a marathon.  My initial response was a resounding “No way!”  But in 2011 I joined Bay Area Fit, and it’s changed my life.  I have completed 5 full marathons, and I recently qualified to run the 2017 Boston Marathon.  The experience, encouragement and camaraderie of other Bay Area Fit runners and coaches have helped me get through the ups and downs, challenges and successes along the way.

Welcome to Bay Area Fit!  It’s changed my life…it can change yours too if you are ready to Commit…Train…Succeed.