Our Coaches

Donna Reb-McNeel

Assistant Coach - Blue Group


I am a wife, mother, web-developer, licensed realtor, and dog-lover who loves to jog in order to stay fit, spend time with people, and decrease stress. My interest in jogging began in high school when my track coach encouraged me to run because he thought I had a talent for it. I have run for exercise on and off since high school around my house for 1-3 miles or at the gym on the treadmill. Many years ago I heard of the Bay Area Fit group and thought it would be fun to join, but I didn’t know anyone who was a part of the group. After I joined the UTMB multimedia lab in 2015 I met Stephen Raney who was training for a full marathon with his family and he asked me to join, so in 2016 I did that. The whole BAF group was very welcoming, goal-oriented, and positive, so I loved it. This year I plan to serve as Assistant Coach for the blue group who mainly trains for the half marathon because I ran the Aramco half marathon in Jan. 2017 and the Santa Hustle half marathon along with the Space City 10 Miler in 2016, so I want to continue that pattern. The 13.1 mile mark is one that I am comfortable with and I like to build speed to beat my time in each race. I have achieved a personal best in each race so far and I look forward to leading a part of BAF this year to share one of the things that makes me happy-running.
All the Best