Thirteen years ago I had knee surgery to repair a meniscus that was torn in a fall. I had become overweight and I think that contributed to the weakness in my knees. Once I was cleared for exercise I joined a fitness class at NASA that focused on running. I did the second part of the class in the summer and was invited by the instructor to try a marathon. In January of 2004 I ran my first marathon training all by my lonesome. The next two years I did the same. My wife had joined BAF and invited me to join. It was so much better in BAF. The camaraderie, experienced coaching and support have kept me on track. This will be my 10th consecutive season as a fitter, and my first as a coach. I have completed twelve consecutive Houston Marathons, one other Marathon, three 50K and one 50-mile trail race. What I have learned through all these seasons is Fitters are family. Welcome to the BAF family!

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