My first race ever was in 1986, The Crescent City Classic 10K in New Orleans. Little did I know that 27 years later I was going to start running again. In 2012 I started running a couple of miles to stay in shape and shortly after ran a 5K with some co-workers. That was the 5K that changed my life and motivated me to join BAF in 2013. BAF has given me so much encouragement and support that in my first season I ran a 10K and two half marathons.

Last season I coached Blue with the goal of motivating and encouraging as many Blue Fitters as I could into achieving their running goals. This season I am taking a new challenge; running the full marathon and helping with the Red Group. Along the way I hope to transmit my passion for running to all the Red Fitters.

Running has changed my life and BAF has provided me the tools to enjoy it more and make new and lasting friendships. I hope BAF will also change your life and that I will be able to help in the process.

Events Coordinator