In December 2012 my husband, Chris, bought the family a membership to the local YMCA as a surprise Christmas gift. It was his hope that it would start a fire for all of us to get back into fitness and get ourselves healthier. We all started to use it and saw results. Things were going well there for several months. Then, in the spring of 2013 he started up a conversation with me about this running club he heard about called Bay Area Fit. He learned that if we joined Bay Area Fit they would train you to start running. Soon thereafter we joined and committed to the marathon training. I did it for him at the time, thinking maybe I could enjoy running with other people. I was thinking again at the time as long as I do it with him it’ll be alright. Soon after I did not only started to enjoy the core workouts, friendships and the results that followed, but I also developed a love for running. Sadly due to physical injuries I did not complete my first marathon, but I didn’t give up. Running became a way of life for me. It really kicked in when I was invited to participate in the Texas Independence Relay (TIR) in 2014. The things I love about running are, it got me through the rough days, kept me inspired through my pregnancy in late 2014 into 2015 and is what I look forward to when I have plans that don’t pan out in life. I enjoy the training, the friendships, the time alone, the physical and mental changes that running has brought to my life. Though my husband still is my biggest fan, I now run because I love it and I am on a mission to keep getting better. I plan to show the other mothers out there how to make this happen with kids in your schedule. It can be done. I will be completing a marathon with you all in 2017 and I can’t wait to make that happen.

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