This will be my 8th year with USA FIT Bay Area, mostly as a coach for the Yellow Group. I began my running career with the club back in the summer of 2007. During my years with USA FIT Bay Area I’ve run numerous half marathons and so far 14 marathons. During the 2016 Chevron Houston Marathon my finish time qualified me to run the 2017 Boston Marathon. I’ve recently earned the title of events coordinator. 2015 was my last year as coach for the yellow group but I have and still hold the title of coach for the core workouts held every Monday evening @ 7pm from UBC.

What I remember most about being a coach with USA FIT Bay Area is how I was able to have an impact in the success of so many of our members during the years. I was able to help them to reach their individual goals. I got as much, or more, enjoyment from a BAF member’s success as I did my own success. Helping someone cross the finish line for the first time was really the best part of being a yellow coach. It was such an awesome feeling. Although I will not be returning as a yellow coach I still hope to share this feeling with my fellow returning and new members! I’ll see you out there.

Core & stretch