In high school, I was known as the “girl who loved to run”. Coming from a smaller town, it was considered “weird” that anyone would willing go for a run. Never one to listen to nay-sayers, you would often find me jogging around the roads by myself all hours of the day. However, once I started college and “life” got in the way, I stopped running. Over the next 17 years, I became more and more sedentary, until I was shocked to find out that I was obese and pre-diabetic. I couldn’t even walk upstairs without gasping for air. Other aspects of my life were going well, but I just couldn’t physically muster up the energy to be excited about any success or enjoy life.

In 2013, I started a new job at Chevron. I was surrounded by individuals preparing for the Aramco Half Marathon or the Chevron Marathon. Everyone was so excited about their training plans and race day. Thinking back to my running days, I knew I could do this, so in 2015 I signed up for the 2016 Aramco half marathon and started training on my own. Weight started falling off and I knew that this is the change I needed. Before I knew it, I was signing up for multiple races to keep myself focused and motivated.

However, I felt something was still missing. I had been back to running for a couple of years, and I was starting to lose interest. Afraid I would slide back into a sedentary lifestyle, I knew I needed to add something new to my routine. I had been noticing an enthusiastic running group at the local races. They looked like they were having SO much fun and the support I heard from members for their fellow runners was amazing. Hoping this was the thing I need to get out of my running rut, I signed up for the 2017-2018 season of Bay Area Fit. I had always considered myself a solitary runner, so it was a HUGE leap for me to join a running group.

I remember nervously pulling up to my first Bay Area Fit Saturday run. I was so anxious that I sat in my car for at least 5 minutes watching all the runners arrive. Finally, I got out and walked towards the registration desk. Almost immediately, I was enthusiastically greeted by the coaches and veteran members. As the season progressed, I set PR after PR on my races. While that was great, what was even more amazing to me was the sense of comradery and the growing friendships that were being created. I actually looked forward to my training sessions with my friends! Now with 3 marathons and 14 half marathons under my belt, all completed through a variety of training programs, I can definitely say, Bay Area Fit is the best way to train! My only regret is that I didn’t join sooner.

Now as an organizer for Bay Area Fit, I look forward to helping others reach their running goals while creating lasting friendships. This group will change your life!

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